The Gravediggers of Russia

The Gravediggers of Russia

IT will readily be conceded, by one who knows Russia and has had opportunity of observing all the different phases of the revolutionary process that the inherent anarchical tendencies of the Russian people could not have failed to let the political pendulum swing very far towards the left. But the most extreme-minded Russian had surely not dreamt of creating an instrument of destruction so complete in its systematic annihilation of every principle of economic life, so satanic in its premeditated violence and cold-blooded murder as that which now constitutes the basis of Bolshevist power.

In this mad anarchical chaos, the natural consequence was the usurpation of the supreme command by that element which, unalterable, and comparable only to itself, has represented, since the very beginning of human history. The acme of the most unscrupulous and most insatiable greed: the Jew.

Scarcely had “Liberty” been achieved (by the help of the London Change and the Russian-Jewish liberalism), than from everywhere, from the very ends of the earth the children of Israel set out to reach their Promised Land of these later days. Bolshevist papers and periodicals were started in Moscow and Petrograd. Trained demagogues, possessing unlimited supplies of money, appeared as members of the Soviet Councils and neither lost time nor hesitated in using all means, however foul they might be, to demoralise the minds of the: Russian people and excite the feelings against one another. And the Russian masses succumbed all the more readily, that they were for the most part illiterate.

May I cite an example: One day there appeared as member of the Petrograd soviet a man quite unknown, who gave his name as Stecklow. He preached the overthrow of democracy, promised universal peace, liberty, bread and gave money to all comers. At last he could no longer avoid producing his papers, which showed him to be a Jew named Nachamkes. To-day he is one of the omnipotent dictators of the Russian press. Cases such as this can he proved by the hundred.

Under the very nose of the liberal government Trotzky-Braunstein (Brownstone), Sinowjeff-Apfelbaum (Appletree) from New York and Lenin from Switzerland appropriated a place in Petrograd for their own use and made it the headquarters of Bolshevism. Many demagogues, carefully trained in the bolshevist seminary at Capri (headmaster: the Jew Rappoport), journeyed all over the country, to Kronstadt (the headquarters of the Navy and to the front. I myself have seen: Jewish students distributing the ‘Pravda’ (Truth) among the wounded, in the hospitals of the Crimea.

The first attack was delivered in July 1917. The sailors from Kronstadt (worked up to the highest pitch mostly by the Jew Roshal) steamed up the Neva, landed in companies and circulated in armoured cars through the streets of Petrograd, discharging their rifles at ran­dom wherever and whenever it pleased them. The revolt was suppressed. The leaders were put into prison, the rebels isolated and put under guard.