The End of The Satanic Power

The End of The Satanic Power

WE SPEAK TONIGHT ON THE ULTIMATE DEFEAT OF SATANIC FORCES. We bring to your attention that fact that Satanic forces are now showing their forces all over the world. And they have been, for many centuries, of course, in a position to establish for themselves, temperate victories. They have backed powers of World governments, and moved behind them the children of Lucifer. And still, we have watched the ancient areas of Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, and Rome, as they moved into the Empires running these kingdoms, even when they were occupied largely by Scythians, or people of Israel. But still the Beast System moved in with its power.

The scriptures quickly tell us that we have an adversary which has divided his strategy into three groups. And it is referred to as 1. Beast, 2. Anti-Christ, 3. False Prophets.

Now the scripture tells us in the book of John, that there are many anti-Christs. And those that deny that Jesus came in the flesh, or as the embodiment of God are ANTI-CHRIST. There are many people that are looking for ‘one anti-Christ’ to arise, one anti-Christ to lead the forces of darkness. But there are MANY ANTI-CHRISTS on many fronts, leading the forces of darkness in the world. Of course, who might be the top sinner to head the entire program, even to incarnate himself, would be in the area and power of the anti-Christs.

When John was first writing his Epistles, he said, there already exists in the world, MANY ANTI-CHRISTS.