Remember Blood River

Remember Blood River

HAVING LOOKED AT THE ANGELS OF MONS this morning we are now going to see what God did on behalf of another section of our Israel people, the Afrikaaner People, our blood kinsfolk in Southern Africa, hence our title.

All the sections of our English speaking people and other related Scandinavian and Holland Dutch people all have great dates in history that we can remember.

Being from Northern Ireland, we remember the events from 1690 when God sent William of Orange to deliver us from the Stuart Monarchy, from tyranny, and the arbitrary power of Romanism. So we have our little saying “Remember 1690!” We think of our American cousins who have their battle cry of “Remember the Alamo!” – how they were overwhelmed by superior Mexican forces but how that became a rallying cry and how they recovered Texas and brought it back into the United States.

Now we are going to look at this part of the Israel people dwelling in the Southern tip of Africa. The significance of which I hope to show you by the time we are finished. Because they too had a defining moment in their history; that defining moment was the 16th December 1838. It was the year of the Battle of Blood River.

Who were these Afrikaaner people, who are these Boer people who are so despised and ridiculed, especially today in the world media and the world press? Who were these people? They were, of course, a section of the dispersed House of Israel living on the Southern tip of Africa.