Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 113

Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 113

A Great Statesman of American History

AS THE BATTLE BETWEEN THE CHILDREN OF LIGHT AND THE CHILDREN OF DARKNESS MOVES INTO A CLIMACTIC PERIOD, we find that not only do those Children of Darkness try to destroy our Faith, but they even try to remove the remembrance of our great men of history. They tie the Occult philosophy to the symbolism of our nation, and even now days try to destroy the image of the man we call ‘The Father of our Country’, George Washington.

In fact these Children of Darkness have been able through their influence to reduce Christian thinking in recent decades to a shallow level which rejects, Out of Hand, any thought of Divine Destiny for the Nations of the Western World, and especially this Great nation of God’s Kingdom. These United States of America. If you do not ‘hit out’ at white civilization, you must not be ‘with it’.

Not only is this done in America, but in England as well. In 1976 Britain passed the Race Relations Act which brought millions of Aliens into their Aryan Society. Then in 1989 Birmingham, England’s city Cathedral

changed the date of St. George Day Observance, so as not to offend South Africa’s Archbishop Tutu who was visiting the city for the Century celebration. The little publication ‘Wake Up’ which comes out of Britain asks what has happened to drain the Sampson‑like spiritual power of the Celto‑Saxon people?

Perhaps two world war’s, plus Vietnam and Korean wars helped as they also destroyed a great part of the youth, not only of the British Empire but the U.S. as well. This letting down of the bars of immigration in our day has brought about a Multi‑Faith society in both our countries which only results in the destruction of Christian civilization, as history has shown us, many times. Modern versions of scripture without the historical understanding that the word ‘Jew’ is not synonymous with the names of Judah and Israel, makes them worthless on this point alone.