British Israel Fact or Fiction

British Israel Fact or Fiction

Rev. Dunlop states in the course of his sermon on British-Israel, that:

“The British-Israel theory is a dead, God-dishonouring, anti-Scriptural fraudulent and deceptive lie from the pit of hell. It is every one of these things and more.”

He makes mention of us in relation to Mormonism and Armstrongism, and includes his message against us as part of a series on the cults. He goes as far as to say:

“Of course Mormonism and British-Israelism are blood brothers.” and at another point in his sermon he boldly declares regarding Identity-believers that: “when people use methods like this, they must also deny the Holy Scriptures.”

He couldn’t make his viewpoint much clearer.

Let me say British-Israel is no cult. We have included within our ranks such outstanding Evangelicals, and Gospel preachers, as the late Rev. Robert Bradford M.P., Principal George Jeffreys, founder of the Elim Church, and Dr. James Mountain the great Baptist Fundamentalist.

Let me put again on record for Rev. Dunlop and all others of similar ilk from:

What A British-Israelite Really Believes

1) That the Old and New Testament Scriptures in their original languages are the inspired, infallible Word of God.

2). In the Virgin Birth, Sinless Life, Absolute Deity Miraculous Ministry, Blood Atonement, Bodily Resurrection, Ascension and soon-coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Are these the words of heretics? Is this the doctrinal statement of a cult? British-Israel Truth is the purest form of Fundamental Bible Protestantism, and British-Israel believers will always be in the front line of the battle to defend the honour of our precious Saviour and His Holy Word.

Even our opponents have had to admit as much.

A) Rev. J Stafford Wright MA, Principal of Tyndale Hall, Bristol:

“I myself could never group BI with others, it would be fairer to recognise it as a particular interpretation of prophecy within the Orthodox Church of Christ.”

B) Dr. Townley Lord, Editor of the Baptist Times:

“From what I know of them, they are fervent and devoted to Evangelical Christianity”