Black and White

Black and White

THIS STUDY WILL SHOW YOU THAT THE BLACKS ARE NOT ON AN EQUAL FOOTING WITH WHITE PEOPLE, the lies of the Jews, liberals and race mixers notwithstanding.

Immigration has been the destruction of the civilizations of the world; all through history and will lead to the destruction of the United States, if it is not stopped. There are many who lie and say that diversity is our strength. It is not a strength, it is the road to destruction of our country and our civilization.

The Mexicans are not much better than the Blacks because they are a mixed race of people. They used to be White Spaniards, but they cared so little for their race that they mixed with the Indians, blacks and etc., until they have lost almost all of the attributes that they had when they were White. So as far as they are concerned they are little advanced from Blacks.

The Chinese have Never progressed except as they come into contact with the White Race. It matters not what people want to believe that is a fact. Only recently has the news been widely known (it has been privately known for many years to researchers and scholars) that there was a great influx of The White Race into China several thousand years ago. And that their descendants were the ones who invented gun powder and the other scientific advances made in China. Therefore, the Chinese only progress when they come into contact with the White Race.

The Japanese are a little above the Chinese because they are the descendants of those of the White Race that invaded Asia many thousand years ago, and mixed with the Chinese, but since they were isolated for thousands of years on the little island they retained some of their White genes and so their progress was a little more than the Chinese. But they didn’t make any great strides in progress until the White Race began to go to Japan in great numbers.