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American author and activist. It is claimed he introduced the term “Phineas Priesthood” as a designation for Christian vigilantes who avenge crimes against White Christendom.

Hoskins was born in 1928 in Lynchburg, Virginia where to went to school. He later went a military academy in Waynesboro and then joined the Air Force during the Korean War. After leaving the military he earned a degree in history at Lynchburg College. Hoskins moved to New York and worked as stock broker for a short time before moving back home to Virginia.

Extracts from the Hoskins Report

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Chapter 214 – The Sheep and The Wolf
Chapter 220 – Operation Armageddon
Chapter 222 – Hostile Takeovers
Chapter 228 – The Sadducees
Chapter 231 – Sacred Food
Chapter 298 – The Saxons
Chapter 408 – The Mongol a Short History –

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