The Hoskins Report China

The Hoskins Report China

NASDAQ, Wal-Mart & Downsizing America

FORGET? I THINK NOT! WE’VE SEEN IT BEFORE AND WE’VE LEARNED. Scotland was invaded and conquered by England’s cartel and forced to pay tribute to agents of its figurehead king.

My ancestor was lucky, he was banished to America. The rest of our poverty striken Saxon kinsmen laboured in the fields until sheep-wool became more profitable to the cartel owners than their farm labour. Then, the cartel imported sheep, burned our villages and sent our kinsmen to Edinburgh and Glasgow to live in 6 floor walkups and work for starvation wages in the cartel’s mill and shipyard corporations. Families were still living in these walkups with one bathroom on the first floor when I visited Scotland in 1982 – our own Saxon kinsmen!

The overflow Scottish population was loaded on ships and sent to work vacant Catholic farms in Northern Ireland. There, they again laboured for a pittance and fought the Irish Catholics whose land they took, while both paid tax-tribute to the same cartel who stood back laughing – having done it to them many times before.


John Lynch, founder of Lynchburg, was one of these Scot-Irish survivors. My own ancestors were English, Scottish and Irish. My wife’s ancestors came from France and England. In America we all prospered. Then the Royal Cartel repeated in this country everything they had done to our ancestors in the old country. Having enough, we withdrew from the king’s cartel, and in leaving we stated the reasons why: