New Ensign 125 January 2020

Happy New Year 2020



A happy New Year to all our readers and subscribers which looks like being another challenging year, particularly with the Lisbon Treaty kicking in – wither Brexit??Looking back on 2019 which was remarkable for promoting Satanism:-

1. Organ donor? Organs are cut out of patients’ bodies even while they are conscious and aware, horrifying new science study reveals.

2. Colorado public schools now requiring students to role play child sacrifice ‘poems’ as part of rape training indoctrination.

3) Whole Foods sponsors Drag Queen Story Hour to indoctrinate children with perversion, paedophilia and transgenderism

4. The Annihilation Agenda: Why globalists are actively working to exterminate 90% of the human race.

5. Whistle blower tells all, claiming Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer, Kirsten Gillibrand and other prominent Democrats are involved in human trafficking, sex slavery, and Satanism.

6. Celebrated Democrat ‘Beto’ O’Rourke outed wearing ‘Devil goat’ costume; left-wing media tries to spin narrative away from Satanism

7. Kamala Harris reveals herself as an anti-Christian BIGOT who hates God and anyone who recognizes the existence of God.

8. Spiritual ‘guru’ of Brazil ‘ran sex slave farm’ and sold off human babies in auctions, stunning investigation reveals.

9. The rise of Satanism: Whole Foods, Monsanto and all the perverted demon-crats.

10. Leftists demand eliminating all Christian crosses from public view, claiming it ‘triggers’ them… political correctness is now equivalent to Satanism.

But their time is short! Praise Yahweh!!!

The Editor –

New Ensign 125 January 2020
New Ensign 125 January 2020

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