The Hoskins Report – Operation Armageddon

The Hoskins Report – Operation Armageddon

America “Helps” Somalia

“Preliminary evidence of Clinton administration plans for foreign policy suggests that the new president is inclined to let the UN Security Council take over de-facto command of the U.S. military and determine U.S. policy. The plans include the commitment of American troops for service in the UN’s standing army. The steps are considered the ‘next logical steps’ toward a new world order.” (American Sentinel, 11/30/92, World News Digest Dec. 92)

“Sweep the floor and open the door!” The invasion of yet another country by the U.S. is presently taking place. It is directed against the most strategically valuable piece of real estate in the world – Somalia.

SOMALIA, THE PART OF AFRICA THAT JUTS OUT INTO THE INDIAN OCEAN, looks very much like the horn of a rhinoceros. Hence the name – “Horn of Africa.” The excuse for the invasion is humanitarian – to save the starving Somalians. It is legal and logical if the dictates of the UN are legal. Again, there has been no declaration of war.

“Warlords” is the name given the present rulers of Somalia by the media in their continuing incitement of the public to war. Its pictures show soldiers giving food to emaciated blacks. This proves that America is concerned over the welfare of the world’s poor and downtrodden. The pictures are better than ten thousand words and prove not only the good intentions of America but also of the UN. The media is also preparing the people for the unpleasantness to come by playing up photos of starving blacks who are starving because of the acts of evil Somalian “warlords.”