The Hoskins Report Esau’s Illusions

The Hoskins Report Esau’s Illusions

ESAU’S STRENGTH IS “DECEPTION”. His ability to deceive comes from his study and knowledge of the WORD. The Book of Jasher 7:23-30 reveals that the WORD is “Adam’s Cloak”. Covered by Adam’s Cloak man is covered with God’s Laws and thinks logically.

The Cloak of Adam was stolen by Ham and used to do evil. Nimrod inherited the Cloak and the whole world believed him to be their leader when he used it. Esau coveted the Cloak. He lay in wait and slew Nimrod and stole the Cloak and has used it ever since to deceive mankind. Organized religion is today paid by the international merchant to censor the WORD. While pretending to be clothed in Adam ’s Cloak of Truth they actually wear Esau ’s Cloak of Deception.

“Thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.” Rev 18:23

The Dollar Illusion

Take a minute and look at a dollar bill. It was created out of nothing. Banks can create as many pieces of “nothing” as they like any time they want and use these created “nothings” to buy whatever they wish – things like land, ships, cities and men[1].

It’s legal. Lawmakers passed laws making it legal. Lawmakers passed these laws in exchange for the bank owned media giving them favourable publicity so they could be elected to their cushy jobs. Of course, it should be emphasized again – the media is bank-owned – and it is the banks who create “nothing” out of thin air which they used to purchase the media.

Our sound money system is a gift from Esau[2] – it is media created – it is an illusion.