Wednesday Night Bible Study – 18th August 1965

Wednesday Night Bible Study – 18th August 1965

QUESTION: Why did the Mayans welcome the Manasseh people?

ANSWER: They were received by the Central American Indians because they thought this was the return of the Children of the Sun, who had come to their chronology in the great time clock of the Mayas, 800 B.C. which was the time when some of the house of Manasseh were supposed to have crossed the sea in the ships. But this was only a part of Manasseh, as this Bible tells us that Manasseh would cross the sea in ships. But the bulk of the Manasseh people moved out with the bulk of Ephraim and Manasseh as they migrated in their period of time, thus this does all tie in. But most of the tradition of South America leans toward the west instead of the east, to the west out of Lemuria. And the artefacts, and the images, and the religious symbolism of South America which are Pre‑Adamic, and which come out of the oldest stratums comes out of the oldest Temples, and it is the same as that coming out of Easter Island, the Steppes of China, and also from Samoa. So this land was one time tied together in one orbit. Some of the finest work on these studies are by Kabar and Dubbs. In fact he is one of the experts on the Pacific Islands, and their civilization and antiquity. This proves that the Bible talks about things which man didn’t find out about until just lately.

And it speaks about these things with accuracy, and the explanation of these things is proven. The Bible says; let every man be found to be a liar (or Mistaken) and God be true. This is what happens, they think they have an exact and absolute science, and then they find out that the record was here in the Bible all the time. If they could have only understood it. However your race carries this capacity to be led to this discovery when all things are understood, when you reach the peak of ‘All Truth’.

QUESTION: Up to the time of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob there must have been a lot of Sethites and Noahites, but all we hear about are the 12 tribes of Israel, but there must have been a lot of people out there somewhere?