Wednesday Night Bible Study – 13th October 1965

Wednesday Night Bible Study – 13th October 1965

QUESTION: Who decided that fish isn’t meat, is it because the Catholic’s can’t eat meat on Friday’s?

ANSWER: Well, whether fish is meant is a difference of opinion, but there are lots of differences between cold blooded fish and warm blooded animals called meat, so the Catholic’s have an are of authority for this. But this was a Papal ruling established under Papal authority, and they did this because they decided that Christ died on Friday, so they would abstain from eating meat. I know of no area of scripture to substantiate this, but it doesn’t matter whether a man eats meat or not, or even whether a man keeps Saturday or Sunday, or Monday or Tuesday, just so he keeps it under Yahweh-Yahshua.

It is not important which day he keeps, just so Christian’s come together on the first day of the week, but some even think they meet on Saturday. And the Seventh Day Adventist think that they have to meet on Saturday, but that is just a fetish with them. They have lots of good teaching, but the scripture says: ‘Let a man observe the day according to his own faith, and according to how he feels, just so he has the right God.’ (Romans 14:5-6) This is referring to meat which had been offered to idols. We will thus share days and meat, but as far as the eating of certain meat that the Bible has instructed people not to eat, it was because it was not healthy, or because it wasn’t digestible, but this isn’t a criteria on whether a man has spiritual capacities or whether he is an heir to Eternal Life, for after all, the Adamic Household.

All Israel, the whole race has been destined by the very purposes of God to ultimate perfection, transformed into His own image in His own time, so therefore no eating of meat is going to effect the physical condition in which he dwells in earth at this time. In other words, there are some things that are not good for food. However, let no man judge you by what day you keep, or what meat you eat, as far as putting a real issue on it. That is why we are not Catholic, for a lot of the things that the Catholic teach, we don’t believe.