Wednesday Night Bible Study – 11th August 1965

Wednesday Night Bible Study – 11th August 1965

QUESTION: What are the seven spirits (Revelation 3:1)

ANSWER: This is not seven spirits, this is the seven fold spirit of God, this is a facet of 7, and seven is a divine number. So anything of Divine origin is set up in cycles, sometimes as, the seven churches and so forth. So this is a seven fold spirit, a Divine number not seven separate spirits, not at all. Now, there are guardian Angels over the church ages, but this is now what is referred to here.

QUESTION: Last week you mentioned the language of the Pyramid, I wondered if you would explain this?

ANSWER: The language of the Pyramid or the Language of the Pyramid builders, I can’t hear you, But the language of the Pyramid builders was Coptic‑Aramaic, this was a basic language which started out with the Adamic race, but the Pyramid language is measures and alignments. It is definitely an instrument for measuring time, and for carrying forward patterns and symbols. Therefore it has its own language, but in mathematics and measures and timing. If we referred to the language of the Pyramid this is what we referred to. It is a numerical, prophetic, symbolic language. It is only given for some to understand.

QUESTION: People say that Isaiah prophesied after the fall of Babylon and therefore he must have prophesied for our day and not for the fall of Babylon.

ANSWER: But Babylon did not fall until 586 B.C. and Isaiah was dead then. Isaiah was prophesying 200 years before Babylon fell.