The Quickening of Our Divine Spirit

The Quickening of Our Divine Spirit

IN THE BOOK OF EZEKIEL, WE READ THESE WORDS: ‘The blind leads the blind and they all fall into the ditch’ — never have we had a more opportune time to see this. For except the concept and purpose be of God and except it be the Word of God, and from His ministry, which is sent forth from the pulpit, it has no purpose or lot in our midst. And those that are supposed to be the delivering of God’s Oracle, and are His ministry should not be sending forth from the pulpit, or any platform wherein they have a responsible position — any statement, or any words they are putting in God’s mouth that is not God’s words.

Now I am going to tell you that we are in the midst of a great religious upheaval. And great religious activity is also taking place. But don’t think that mass religious activity is necessarily a sign of great spirituality. It is not. Mass religious activity, where lots of good people go — or where lots of good people of the children of God sing, and talk because they get emotionally stirred up — do not think that this has God’s blessing upon it. Nobody was more religious than the devils crowd that ran the synagogue in the days of Jesus. Probably no one is more religious than devil worshipers are. Religion is not necessarily the sign that this thing has the blessing of God. In fact, the most dangerous enemies that Jesus ever had were in the religious field, even though they were worshiping something.

We tell you at this moment, that there are a great number of people who are being hoodwinked and bilked from words that come from ministers of Israel who are not preaching the word of the LORD. This is why the scriptures said that their own mothers and fathers are going to say that our preacher sons are no preachers, and the words that they preach is an abomination to Israel. We are ashamed of them, and we want you to fire them. And eventually, they will. And you will be surprised at who will go.

Now some times we find that to tell the truth is not popular with people who just like to be carried along and leave the thinking to some one else. Because when something is going on and there is great expectancy, we find we have had that. For instance, in Madison Square Garden, we had Billy Graham. And there in Yankee Stadium, was held one of the largest religious activities that we have had in these United States for a long time. So important, that even Vice President Nixon came down and stood on the platform, although he was a Quaker, to call upon the world for World Peace, and to support the tranquility he saw emerging. So you see this was not all for the awakening of a nation, but to pacify the people.