The Mystery of The Family of God

The Mystery of The Family of God

NOW THERE IS A MYSTERY ABOUT THE FAMILY OF GOD. And probably there is nothing more important for us to know and to understand than our true relationship with God, and the declaration of these things which God has revealed concerning this status.

We have discussed this in several messages, such as our inheritance as sons of God, and the aspect of this becomes more and more important for us to understand this and to know, that a lot of the things being discussed today, through out many denominations, is just theology.

So we turn in this declaration of the Apostle Paul, who tells us concerning our relationship to God’s plan and God’s purpose, that we as a people have a direct relationship with the Most High. And this relationship is the significant one we are discussing this afternoon.

The scripture tells us in the book of Romans that we are the children of God. That the Spirit bears witness with our Spirit that we are the children of God. Now; this is not a process by which we have envisioned a fatherhood through the theological understanding, through the acceptance of a principal, or an idea that has been unveiled to us by a clergyman, or an evangelist. This isn’t something that happens at an altar rail. This is not something that happens in an Evangelistic meeting. This is something that happens by the principals and processes by which all things are begotten and engendered in earth.