The Mystery of The Corridor of Life

The Mystery of The Corridor of Life

TONIGHT WE ARE SPEAKING ON A SUBJECT WHICH IS OF GREAT SIGNIFICANCE TO MANY OF US BECAUSE IT DEALS WITH THE PANORAMA OF EXISTENCE AND THE GREAT AND ETERNAL CORRIDORS OF LIFE. When we talk to you about the corridor of an endless life, and the mystery of this corridor of live, we want you to understand that while there are multiple philosophers in the earth and a great number of teachings that find their source in their origin in the background of inherited cultures, that there is only one set of established truths. And when we talk about the truths that God has unveiled to HIS people, and to your race, it is important to know that HE brings things to your remembrance. And this has caused a lot of people not to know the difference between the remembrance HE brought to them and the doctrine of the pagans who are round about.
Now there is no mistake about the existence of God’s Kingdom and the facts he has brought to them. For as we go back into the antiquities and the endless ages of yesterday, and look over the vastness of God’s creation with its many, many trillions of sidereal systems and suns and moons and stars, when we take the testimony of great Patriarchs who God brought wisdom and understanding to, such as we find in the book of Enoch or in the Revelations of John,–in which they saw the vastness of this Universe inhabited and populated by the many thousands and, yes, millions of God’s children. And when they recognize that there are dimensions and plains beyond this physical one which we behold, a great number of people who understand these things will recognize that this is absolute and far reaching. And they understand what it is talking about in the book of Hebrews when it talks about the power of an endless life.
Now, I know that the doctrine which has been taught in earth ever since the day Lucifer took over the earth, was the doctrine which was strictly of the Luciferian household. All over among the races and nations who thru from the One God in ancient times, to the worship of multiple gods, and of many pagan philosophies, a doctrine was supplemented from that which was basically the doctrine of truth.
Now, this doctrine became the doctrine spread all over Asia. And of course, had more relationship to Asiatics than it did to your race. As far as your race is concerned, there are things far more important for you to understand. You have inherited from Adam, to your time, a racial memory. This racial memory has been passed from father to son since the days of Adam on down to your time. This racial memory is the sum total of all that happened to your race from the day when it appeared in the earth. Thus it is that we have this record inside the scriptures of this Adamic race. This is the 7th day creation. We discover that the eras of the various periods of time referred to in the scripture talks about the things God did in various areas, and we recognize that translators tried to make these 24 hour days.