The Mark of The Beast

The Mark of The Beast

AS WE TURN TO THIS SUBJECT OF THE MARK OF THE BEAST, it is with the continuing realizations that this great Nation under God was designed and developed out of the blueprint of Divine purpose, known before the foundation of the earth.

That in the days of the migrations and the developing of our society, the Almighty God made His proclamation unto Patriarch’s, and unto Prophets. Proclaimed to those of His Household and His race, the great promises and destinies He had in mind for His people.

The foremost among them was of course the establishment of this great Nation, of His Kingdom, in this land He had established and prepared by His declaration as the Destiny of His Kingdom. Repeated by the Prophet’s Isaiah and Jeremiah and given in intent and purpose unto His Prophet David, as he stood by his coronation stone.

He promised a land which was Westward. Westward out of the lands of Africa and Western Europe, a land beyond the great waters, in which He would establish a great and final location for a great nation of His Kingdom. A place where they could move to and then never be moved again. A place where though there would be oppression, yet they would triumph.

A land where we have cited to you, by measure, would be the great and mighty Red Wood trees, where the people would be moved, where they would grow with the promises and the timelessness of God as His Creation, and as He planted them there. A land of Myrtle wood would grow even as it did in Palestine.

Numerous identifying factors, identifying His Kingdom. And no place on earth fulfils these happenings but in this area of America, in this land of these United States. For, in our Red wood belt we have the only mighty Red wood trees just as they grew as the Cedars of Lebanon. We have the only place in the world where Myrtle wood grows, and here it grows as a great tree, while in Old Palestine it grew as a brier.

This nation blessed with rivers and blessed with all that God promised to bless it with, in all the geological purposes of the past with which He has given it richness. For, here we discover all the minerals vital to our society. We discover at every turn, the preparations of God as He made good His promise to our forefathers. There can be no question about the fact that North America was to play a very vital part in the plan and purposes of god. We, as citizens of the most powerful nation in the Western world, should be happy in our inheritance and our heritage, for our nation is in the Bible Prophecies of the Scriptures. At the same time we are involved in the problems that face all our race, cause this great nation is basically a white race nation and a Christian nation.

I think it is rather pointed out by even the liberal’s, and the socialist minded and this includes even the defecting Clergy, and understand this tonight, this example, the new head of the Council of Churches, Dr. Carson Blake, called for an ending of our war with the Viet Cong, and he said; it would be a dangerous thing and would create great difficulties if we were to be victors in our war against the Viet Cong, because it would be creating an image of a white nation overcoming an Asian nation, and a Christian society forcing its will on an Asiatic society.