The Kings of the Earth and Their Armies

The Kings of the Earth and Their Armies

IN THIS HOUR, THE KINGS AND THEIR ARMIES ARE GATHERING TO COME AGAINST THE KINGDOM. We take this thought out of the book of Revelations. And it tells us that the armies of the Beast System are gathered against HE, who comes on a White horse. HE, who comes at the head of God’s Kingdom.

In the areas of the interpretation of prophecy, and in the understanding of symbolism that we find in the scripture, then remember that when it refers to the rider upon the White horse, or refers to Christ as LORD of Lords, and the one known by the declaration of HIS Majesty and power in the armies of Heaven on White horses that followed HIM, then always, the White horse symbolizes the authority of the Kingdom, the administration of the Kingdom. And the White horse represents the nation of YAHWEH’S Kingdom.

I think it most important that people recognize the background of the scriptures and keep in mind that the scriptures were written for your race and to your race, and to no other race. For the Holy Scriptures were written by men of the White race who were inspired to record the things that God had stirred them to record. And those scriptures are interpreted by the ministers of your race as they have their minds in tune with God concerning the mysteries of HIS Revelations.

I want to point out to you that the Adamic race is the White race. And that the word Adam is translated all through the Old Testament as man. It should have been translated White man. The word ‘Enosh’ should have been used for the other races around the White man. Thus, it is that when we see the symbolism of the Kingdom in prophecy, we see the great White horse and the forces behind HIM.