The Invisible House of Rothschild

The Invisible House of Rothschild

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The Endless BS Narratives

My experiments in confusion – Part-1: How many Jews does it take to confuse me? Response to ‘How many Rabbis does it take to create a Racist State?’

The answer: Only one. Let me explain:

‘In this particular case, it took 50 of them…’ — How many Rabbis does it take to create a Racist State?

‘JERUSALEM (AFP) — Fifty Israeli rabbis have signed an open letter warning Jews not to rent or sell property to non-Jews, saying those who do should be “ostracized,” a copy of the letter showed on Tuesday.’ — December 07, 2010 ‘Don’t rent to non-Jews,’ Israeli rabbis warn ‘Keep in mind that it is the Israeli himself that is the foreigner…. a fact that is way too often overlooked.’ — How many Rabbis does it take to create a Racist State?

But not according to the article by Ari Bussel, ‘Israelis, Haters of Israel’, appearing on December 9, 2010 at the Zionists’ Canada Free Press:

‘The Muslims have successfully engaged in deceiving the Western World. Deceit is permitted by their religion, even encouraged if it helps them attain their goals (of spreading Islam and reaching global dominance). It seems there was no one who excelled in it better, in recent history, than Arafat himself. He created the notion of a “Palestinian People,” of some “Nationhood” and craving for Jerusalem as its “eternal capital.” In short, he stole the Jewish-Zionist two thousand year history and rewrote it into his own narrative.

So successful was Arafat, that hardly even three decades later, the world itself stands saluting the idea of a Palestinian Statehood (in the boundaries of what was once known as Israel), with a Right of Return of millions of Palestinians that were kept in refugee camps throughout the Arab world, and with Jerusalem as their eternal capital.’

So, it appears that we have Jews piously arguing among themselves who “is the foreigner” and who has more “successfully engaged in deceiving the Western World”.

Just as the Jews have argued pretty much about everything else under the sun from time immemorial.