Priests of Baal

Priests of Baal

Priests of Ba’al Are in the Pulpits of America Today! This study is taken, in part, from one of Pastor Sheldon Emry’s tapes.

A question which must be answered is, how to counter the Judization, the implementation of false teachings which have been given to the vast majority of the preachers in the pulpits of America today?

It is my considered opinion that more than 95% of the so-called preachers, ministers, priests and etc., in the pulpits of America today are nothing more or less than Judeo-Christian Priests, Ministers, Preachers, yea: They are Disciples of Baal!

That there are Judeo-Christian preachers [from this point on I will use the word Judeo-Christian preacher(s) instead of listing the various names by which they are called by their congregations] of Ba’al in America today is beyond question, to anyone who will take time to study both the Scriptures and the results of the so-called preaching of today’s Judeo-Christian preachers.

Every time that I think to myself it is a hopeless task, trying to inform American Christians and provide them with information their Judeo-Christian preacher is not about to give them; for fear of the Jews, that almost all of the “Judeo-Christians” in Organized Religion are not interested in really learning the Word of God.