Man and Beast

Man and Beast

IT HAS BEEN OUR CUSTOM TO FREQUENTLY REVIEW CURRENT EVENTS IN DETAIL, because these show the fulfilment of Bible prophecies in our day. However, in covering the subject we want to discuss, we shall not have much occasion to list these events in detail and this for a definite reason.

There are times when it is not so important to count every bead on the string, as it is to see whether they are all strung on the same string. When you learn this, you will know where to look for the next bead; our purpose is to show the existence of certain definite principles, which govern the events which we see happening, as these principles have governed them for thousands of years; ever since the war began in Genesis 3:15.

For ages, it was well understood by everyone that various nations and races had certain characteristics, which usually would be demonstrated in the action of these people. National and racial policies and conduct developed out of national and racial character. There were, the rare exception merely prove the rule. Similarly, we can note that among crows, one bird in every 38 million is white, an albino. But this only emphasizes the rule that all of the other 38 million crows are black. Therefore, reasonably consistent conduct can be identified as the rule, notwithstanding an occasional exception which surprises us when we find it.

Among the ancients, nobody pretended to be ignorant of the characteristics of the Babylonians, Egyptians, Assyrians, or the Romans, or what they were likely to do in order to execute their purposes. Roman military ability in war and harshness in rule over conquered people were well understood and no one was surprised to meet them. The extreme ferocity and cruelty of the Assyrians was known to all. Centuries of history demonstrated a consistency in these characteristics which only a fool could ignore.