Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 99

Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 99

AS WE LOOK ONCE MORE AT THE CIVILIZATIONS IN THE DISTANT PAST we realize that this modern world owes a great debt to the men and women who lived, loved, and laughed so long ago. Actually there is little new, under the sun, as you begin to understand the PAST.

In this study we will review some of the facts recorded by Ivor Lissner in his book, ‘The Living Past’. Our author was born in Germany and spent his adult life travelling and studying the great civilizations of the past. He expresses this thought: ‘Only when you recognize what generations before you have striven for, thought, and achieved, will you recognize and best employ the opportunities your own short life affords. Only then will you realize that you are set upon a veritable mountain of Human History, and civilizations which others have built for you over thousands of years.’

Through this tape series we have traced civilizations, people, and races, and we realize we must use a different standard in assessing the civilizations built by the white race. We must also recognize as we read the work of Ivor Lissner that we must be able to recognize the difference in people and races who were on this earth over thousands of years. We must study each civilization and determine just who these people were and where they came from.

The Science of Archaeology has been a great help in exposing this story of the ‘Living Past’. This blinder, of the time table of Adam‑man held by the Christian Church as well as the teaching that then all people came from Noah’s sons after the flood have kept people from the study and understanding of these Ancient civilizations that the science of Archaeology has uncovered. Yet even with these blinders, as you read these findings, if you are alert you will see in what is recorded the differences in races, in their accomplishments, their beliefs, and life styles, and in this way you can trace these AMAZING ARYANS by these recorded facts.

For instance: .as Archaeologists uncover an Ancient city which was known almost 2000 years before the Birth of THE CHRIST, they will tell you that most of the people of this old city were Semites (Aryans) and were not racial kin to the ones referred to as Sumarians.