Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 97

Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 97

KNOWLEDGE HAS BEEN INCREASING OVER THE YEARS, yes, this is so true, but still 70 years after the start of WWI and 1/2 Century after the beginning of WWII, the big guns of the Mass Media still roar with the wrong history of both world wars, fairy tales as to how they started, warmed over propaganda as to how they were fought, and lies as to how they ended. The consequences to you and me they do not mention. Many are the men and women who have tried to tell the story as they saw events unfold, but were persuaded or persecuted or ignored.

The Controlled Mass Media has always had the last word. Here in 1990 as the news brings us the events that are leading to a combined, ONE World Europe, we remember this old book called ‘Imperium’. We then decided to reread and review this book for you as it seems to fit the Times we are seeing today.

Taylor Caldwell was another writer who tried through her writings to awaken the people. She had pointed out many facts as to how men behind the scenes had met in Switzerland in their comfortable Villa, while young men were dying in the trenches of Europe, and these men, behind the scenes smiled at how well their program of WAR was working. She then wondered why the American people did not catch on to the fact that the great Ocean Passenger Liners were carrying war materials in their holds. Why did the ‘Lusitania’ sail without an escort, where as other passenger ships had heavy escorts? It was at that time widely known that this great ship carried in her hold war material to be used against Germany? Who was it that decided to murder over 100 men, women and children so as to change the thinking of the American people, and to bring them into the War against Germany? Two World Wars would then be fought so as to destroy the German people whether they were in Germany, or in Russia as rulers of that land.

People seem to hear these things, then quickly forget them when they are faced with a constant drum of propaganda and even Patriotism is used as a lever to move the thinking of a people. This we think will go on until the people begin to listen to the Spirit within instead of this drum beat of Materialism without. Always the program of competition among nations in the struggle for World Markets causes a decline in Spiritual values, because of this glitter of money. When Agriculture gave way to industrialism, then materialism followed. But the benefits of industry can only be enjoyed when the people accept the moral responsibility of those benefits. When Greed comes into the picture morality goes out the window.

Over the years we find that men of this western world have tried to awaken their people as to who they are, and why they are here, and this has brought instant persecution, and until your race has an understanding as to who they are we think this will continue.