Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 90

Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 90

TODAY WE READ AND HEAR SO MUCH ABOUT ‘THE HOLOCAUST‘. This word, Holocaust is a very mush misused word, it’s meaning, a burnt sacrifice. It is not then to be used in connection with the Catastrophes which have effected the ‘chosen people’ in their migrations and occupation of the earth as they build His Kingdom. It is a Catastrophe therefore when people of the kingdom are caught in the Spider Web of the World Order, and suffer through no fault of their own.

As we look back through history we find this has happened time after time since Adam and Eve came into physical earth. Each generation seems to go through such an experience which becomes a great educational process, not only for them but for those of the Race who begin to look for answers. We find that from somewhere these people always find the strength to walk ON in the path of their destiny. It seems that as these people face such catastrophes that they reach inside themselves for strength to walk on, and they do it without a great ‘Wail’ of complaint.

Looking back in history to the time of the even called ‘The Trail of Tears’, as the Comanche, these so called Indians, were moved from their homes we see that once more the Historians failed to identify a people. We outlined for you in tape # 35., the coming of some of the Manasseh people into Central America then on into these United States from Mexico.

We have also told you that there were many so called ‘Indians’, whole tribes of them who were actually Aryans who had come to this land of America, in fact some of them had come even before the time of the Birth of The Christ. These Aryans were forced to go tribal to protect themselves as well as to obtain food for their survival thus became called ‘Indians’ by the Historians although at times described as blond, fair haired and blue‑eyed.