Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 9

Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 9


1. The Anti‑Christ
2. Identity of People
3. Under Grace not under Law
4. Born again
5. Black Pope

QUESTION: Scripture talks as though there will be an Anti‑Christ in the last days who will take over the world and rule with evil powers. Is this just one man or many? For instance as in Daniel chapter 8?

ANSWER: The seventh and eighth chapter of Daniel are overlapping and Daniel is explaining, using much symbolism as does John in Revelation, the rise and fall of great powers over the years. This is symbolically describing the continuing battle between the Luciferian kingdom and this Stone Kingdom set in place by YAHWEH which was set in place as a great stone cut out of a mountain without hands.

Some of the symbolism used here is of the horn, this would be as on the headdress of leaders, and kings, and Daniel always refers to this symbol of the horn. Sometimes it was Rams horns, sometimes twisted horns of other animals, but always a symbol of leadership and of military powers. And the Asiatic ruler would always take over the kingdom that rose and wage war against this ‘Stone Kingdom’ which YAHWEH set in place. Thus the prophecies that Daniel was seeing, many of them came true a long time ago and they keep coming true until the time decreed for the fullness of transgression to be reached by the transgressor who is of course Lucifer, and he leads his kingdom people. Lucifer and the people of his kingdom are Anti‑Messiah, translated Anti‑Christs, they have always been since the Luciferian rebellion started.