Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 89

Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 89

WE FIND THAT A PERFECT MARRIAGE REQUIRES THAT YOU FALL IN LOVE, time after time with the same person. The study of Identity by the many avenues reminds us of a perfect marriage for all roads lead back to a certain people, in earth for a certain purpose.

The original symbol of Migration (see Figure 1, last page) meant as we would say today: ‘Westward Ho’. This symbol should always be shown pointing west (using the top of the page as north). This symbol in its original meaning marked the migration path of a RACE from the High Tarim Basin to Israel’s final resting place as the Western Christian Nations.
In Tape #87., we gave you the satanic symbol with the original symbol now pointing upward or north enclosed in a circle.

This symbol is said to represent ‘Anarchy’, the abolition of all law. Initially those into Punk Rock music were the ones who used this symbol but now it is widely used by others. Changing the point of this symbol to the north shows this now to be Satanic for it was out of the ‘North parts’ of the heavens Satan was thrown out of after his rebellion. The abolition of all law would certainly reduce earth to more catastrophe. With the circle around the symbol meaning containment then who would you expect Satan and his children to be trying to contain? After all they control the World Order already, do they not?

As we trace this Race by the symbols with which they marked their westward ‘Trek’ we start with the premise that the word man of Scripture has a derivative root meaning of, ‘to think’. In the Sanskrit the word was ‘Manu’ and we believe that this ‘Living Spirit’ breathed into Adaumn‑man raised him up as different than the races of earth at that time such as the Chinese, Mongolians, Turanian, Egyptian, and Negroes for instance who were in the world at that time.