Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 80

Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 80

From the Tape Ministry of Dr. Swift and my understanding.
Questions and answers.

QUESTION: Are there missing parts of the Gospel of John?

ANSWER: .It is thought that there may be some parts of the Gospel of John that are missing, but we believe that YAHWEH protected us well with the Gospels that we so have. If the children of the Kingdom would understand the Gospel of John that we do have then knowledge would be increased 100 fold. In the New Testament Pseudepigrapha there is a story about John restoring Cleopatra to good health. It seems that Cleopatra had been lying as though dead for 7 days when John arrived in Ephesus and then John with the power of YAHSHUA restored Cleopatra to good health which amazed these people of Ephesus. John then restored her husband and that gentleman falls at John’s feet, but John tells him that he should only fall at the feet of YAHSHUA who was YAHWEH in the flesh for HE was the ONE whose power raised both he and his wife. Lycomedes then decided that he will have a portrait painted of John, and when the portrait was finished he put it in John’s bedroom. This was a portrait of an elderly man crowned with garlands, and a lamp and an altar were before him. John had never seen his own portrait and he asked who this portrait represented?

When learning this was a portrait of himself he took a mirror brought to him and studied his face for a long time. Then he said: .’It is like me and yet it is not. It is like my image in the flesh, but if the painter who copied my face here wanted to put ME in the portrait then he would need all the colours that were given your race, and the shape of the figure, the age, the youth, and all such visible things. But the type of picture YAHSHUA writes paints the type of our souls. These are the colours which I tell you to paint with: Faith in YAHWEH who is also YAHSHUA, knowledge, reverence, kindness, fellowship, mildness, goodness, brotherly love and a whole band of colour which portrays your soul. In fact when a full set and mixture of such colours have come together into your soul it will present to YAHSHUA, the real you, undismayed and undaunted and rounded in form.