Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 77

Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 77

The Sibylline Oracles and the Swift Sermon, ‘the Stream of Life’.

WE HAVE TOLD YOU BEFORE ABOUT THE DELPHIA ORACLE, and would like to fill in the story a bit more from the material found in the Pseudopigraphia volumes loaned to me by Jeanette.

The name Sibyl seems to be a Latin word meaning, Seer. At one time all the writings of the Sibylline Oracles were in the library at Rome. The word Sibyl refers to a single individual, and the name of perhaps the first Prophetess of the Adamic Race was Sambethe. This is the one who says she was of Noah’s household.

Ovid, in his writings tells us that the Sibyl or Prophetess was granted by Apollo, that she might live as many years as there were grains of sand on the sea shore. Col. Totten quoted from the Sibylline Books: .’Far beyond the ocean, there will extend, after many ages, a large and fertile land, and in it will arise a brave and wise man, who shall by His counsel and by his arms, liberate his oppressed country from servitude.’ Then Cicero quoted: ‘And shall found under happy auspices a Republic most like to ours both in its origin, and its history, much and deservedly to be preferred, ye good gods to Brutus and Camillus.’ Thus the Sibylline Oracles were past, present, and future, and so was the prophecy of the expansion of Israel. The Sibyl’s then were women of the Adamic Race who prophesied, and those prophecies reached through thousand of years, and even after their death for being a part of the Race, their message reached beyond to the coming rule of the kingdom. Their prophecies were also much in allegory and hidden from much of the world as is even the Bible. And the first recorded one is by the lady saying she is from the house of Noah, either a daughter, or daughter‑in‑law, thus this traces them back in history but still of this Adamic Race.