Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 76

Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 76

Old Jerusalem And New Jerusalem

QUESTION: Why the Nostalgia for old Jerusalem that controversial city?

 Answer: (from the Swift ministry and my understanding) We must go back in history one more time and look at the beginning of this old city, and its effect on our race and see why this feeling, and see how the situation has developed as of today.

Since you now know that the Adamic race, God’s Kingdom has been established in earth, starting with Adam and Eve. We then trace those people as they came out of the high Tarim Basin in Asia under the leadership of the sons of Seth, the son of Adam and Eve, as they moved in their patterns of migration. From the old records we find they were called Manu, meaning tall white ones, Aryans from the ‘spiritual mountains’. We find that these people believed in, and worshiped the ONE GOD, YAHWEH (Genesis 4:26). They told the world as they migrated that their God would in time come to earth to redeem them. They spoke of the fall of their parents under the influence of the Dragon (Satan) Kingdom. (Genesis 3:15) Always as they paused to worship they set up an altar and were thus reminding their people of that promise of Redemption, when the Saviour, that Perfect Lamb, would be the final sacrifice.

As these children of the Kingdom moved in their migrations they colonized, they established their language, their culture, and their faith. The old books tell us that these Adamites in their generations were ‘The Treasure’, out of the cave where in Adam and Eve dwelt after coming out of the Garden of Eden.

They were a Peace loving people willing to help the World Order into which they had come to live however they also learned that at times they would have to fight to survive as they moved in their paths of Destiny. Where ever they paused they introduced the process of agriculture, but that was one of the blessings they brought into the world. (Genesis 2:25) Prior to this there had not been ‘a man to till the ground.’