Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 7

Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 7


1. The Swastika
2. Druidism
3. Letters IHS
4. Lazarus and the rich man
5. John into the heavens

QUESTION: The Swastika .this is a hated symbol today, did Hitler design It? Some have even said that Hitler is mentioned in the Bible, is that true?

ANSWER: The Swastika is one of the oldest symbols of our race, as it turns with the sun, it was a symbol of the Eternal rotation of the ‘Light of Life’ through a people YAHWEH raised up.

No, Hitler never designed the Swastika, this was just a symbol those Germans chose to mark the Aryan race of which they were a part. Yes, Hitler is mentioned in the Bible although not by name, but he does fulfil the history as it was prophesied in the Bible. He was the Governor or leader of Judah at one time. You find this outlined in Zechariah 12. Germany can be identified as Judah although the Throne through the House of David was transferred to Ephraim, to the land of Britain where it sits today.

The Bible handbook by Halley states that 200,120 people of the Judah kingdom left Old Judea as the Israelites left Samaria in captivity so where did they settle, for they have all been traced as moving westward in their migrations.