Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 56

Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 56

QUESTION: .What is the Philosophers Stone?

ANSWER: .This stone has many descriptions and it is shown in several different ways, but the Philosophers Stone represents Wisdom and Knowledge which is revealed in the Ancient Mysteries of Israel, and in Alchemy and Astronomy. It is called the Universal Medicine, also the emblem of completion, or the number 10., of the Ancient Israel Doctrines. One of its manifestations is the Emerald Tablet, and another is of a polished and cut diamond, and in the centre of this diamond is a double headed Phoenix Bird on its nest of fire. This picture then of the Philosophers Stone is an Ancient symbol for the perfected and re‑generated Adam‑man whose spiritual nature shines through as you are in this pattern of moving through physical earth that you go through as you are in this pattern of moving through physical existence. Dull and lifeless when first seen then as enlightenment comes, and after much polishing with wisdom the diamond comes forth out of that dull and lifeless stage, the same way the regenerated Adam‑spirit man comes out of that fallen stage, into the hands of Our Father, in His purpose.

We are the same as the diamond in the hands of a skilled lapidary, and this shapeless stone is transformed into a scintillating gem from whose facets pour streams of vari-coloured fire, so to upon the lathe of the Divine Lapidary the soul of Adam‑man is ground polished until it reflects the Glory of the Father in every atom. The perfecting of the Diamond soul of Adam‑man through the philosophical Alchemical art, was the concealed object of the Hermetic philosophers.

The Philosophers Stone and the Great Temple built by Solomon represents the regeneration and accomplishment of that Ideal. The diamond by polishing comes out of that dull and lifeless stage the same way the spirit rejuvenated Adam‑man comes forth, through the revealing of the mysteries, thus Adam‑man is able to reveal to his generation until they reflect the Glory of the Father, and the man himself is reflected. The Philosophical, Alchemical art then was in fact the concealed mystery of the perfecting of Adam‑man pointing toward what he once was. In this way the Philosophers Stone, and the Great Temple that Solomon built both represents the regeneration and the accomplishment of an ideal.