Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 54

Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 54

IN THE OLD BIG BOOK THESE SECRET DOCTRINES OF ISRAEL are said to be contained in what is called the Qabbalah, and is pronounced with a K, Kabalah.

Again in this tape we will be looking backward recalling things in the past which are to be made known here in the present. In today’s world this Kabalah has developed into the Cahilla, which is a great conspiracy set in place to totally destroy Christianity, so that YAHWEH’S Kingdom and its Faith does not rise to rule.

As we look at the past it is sort of like a grammar lesson, we find the present, tense and the past perfect, but this has not been the case always. Although there has been some golden years in the Adamic past, still this has been warfare from the beginning between the kingdom of YAHWEH and the kingdom of Satan, in earth. This Doctrine of Israel, of Ancient Israel was so simple, yet so disturbing to a corrupted leader of the World Order that it was kept secret so that it would not be completely lost as Adam‑man moved in Destiny through a physical world.

We find in our studies that Freemasonry has played a great part in influencing a change in the thinking until the word Jew has been substituted for Israel, and even men like Albert Pike became so enamoured with the rituals and organization of Freemasonry that they were willing to substitute Jew for Israel, and even to proclaim that Lucifer had his place in the organization, if Jesus Christ was there. They would let one represent the positive and one the negative, but never seemed to notice when Jesus Christ was removed from that organization. The meaning of symbolism then died out and Humanism took its place. In the days of the early church the Jews of Jerusalem called the followers of YAHSHUA, ‘dogs’ since they still clung to the Ancient Mysteries and their Secret documents. But remember the ‘dog’ was associated with Enoch because of his devotion and obedience.