Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 53

Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 53

SINCE WE HAVE TOLD YOU OF HERMES WHO WE BELIEVE CAN ONLY BE ENOCH, and since we now believe that Enoch and Job were the Great Architects of the Pyramid of Giza, as it is spelled today (then Gizeh). Let us see what the Old Big Book has to say about this Pyramid that will confirm what we have told you before about this Pyramid of Giza. We have also told you of Atlantis which we believe at one time extended or existed as a Continent where now we find the Atlantic Ocean. The writers here in the Old Big Book as well as others who believe in evolution try to base their theory on the idea that mankind started on Atlantis and evolved into a great civilization there.

The accompanying picture which this article is entitled: ‘The initiation of the Pyramid’ and it is quite interesting even though men translating the mysteries did not interpret as we do. This picture is the artists concept of the Great Pyramid on the centre Island of Atlantis. It shows a valley ringed by mountains, and in the centre of a great city is a great temple built like a pyramid 24 steps high. This temple sits on the top of a sheered off mountain.

The Temple Pyramid is white with an entrance on one side outlined in gold, a door leading in and one leading out, and there are two broad avenues up and down the mountain, and people are seen coming and going from the city below. Many gold statues above the entrance of the Temple, and around the front base of the Temple are also to be seen. Also in the sky above are two different types of air craft, and another is also below the base of the Temple on a landing site in the centre of the city.

You see this Pyramid Temple as a place of worship, for people are coming and going, making it altogether different from the Great Pyramid of Geish (Giza) which we say is the ‘Bible in Stone’. The caption below the picture is entitled, ‘An idealistic depiction of the Atlantean Temple’. Then we read: ‘Plato described in detail the divine foundation of the Atlantean Empire. The Golden Age, preserved in myth and Legend, when the gods walked with men depicts thus the Zenith of the Atlantean civilization. In the British Museum there is a remarkable document, known as the Toroano Manuscript.