Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 43

Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 43

QUESTION: .What was the Holy Grail that King Arthur’s Knights were said to be searching for?

ANSWER: .The Christian Grail was the dish in which YAHSHUA and his disciples partook of the ‘Last Supper.’ This was the inside cup of the Chalice and was said to be the vessel used to catch the blood of YAHSHUA as He hung on the Cross. This vessel was supposed to have been brought to Britain by Joseph of Arimathea.

Now; we have told you much about the ‘Gospel of the Stars’, its symbolic meaning from the Swift Library. Of all the Identity Ministers I have listened to, Dr. Swift was the greatest witness as to this fact that the Adamic Race came out of the Spirit into physical bodies for the definite purpose of building the Kingdom of YAHWEH on the earth, as it is in heaven. This was always Dr. Swift’s message, and I have tried to pass it on to you. Everything we learn confirms this fact, that we are spirit of His Spirit, and this is all in the Symbolism that you must understand before you can understand the Scriptures.

Did you know that long, long ago before Joseph of Arimathea came to Britain after the Resurrection, in fact long before YAHSHUA was born in earth, that Master Builders of our race built in Britain, in a circle, the symbolic meaning of the circle being Immortality, they built in Britain what was referred to as ‘The Temple of the Stars’. This was simply the ‘Gospel of the Stars’ inverted on to earth using waterways, buildings, mounds, hills and so forth. This Temple of the Stars was in the Somerset area, and it represented the great vault of the Heavens inverted in earth with the beginning and end of the story of the ‘Gospel of the Stars.’ Virgo, Leo, Taurus and Orion were to show up in the area which would become later ‘The Hides of Land’ given to Joseph of Arimathea when he came with Mary, the earthly mother of YAHSHUA, after the Crucifixion and Resurrection. Why would these Ancient Master Builders do this if it had no meaning for our Race?

These highly imaginative people of profound experience and vitality who built this ‘Temple of the Stars’ had a God who was so real to them. They believed that He was with them always, in their daily work, in the very ground they trod on and was of course permanently controlling the Universe around them. The drawings of these effigies, or figures is free, powerful, realistic and not in any way conventionalised. These effigies, or figures, built were definitely to indicate a sanctuary, not made by strangers, who were practical enough to apply their religion to fructifying mother earth.