Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 38

Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 38

QUESTION: What about the KKK, why was if formed, why do they use the Dragon as one of their symbols?

ANSWER: The KKK is a very controversial subject today, but it must have been a vital organization over the years, or our Government would not have investigated this organization so many times. And over the years always those behind these investigations were the ADL which is the Anti‑Defamation League of the B’ani B’rith.

In 1965 Congressman Rankin, Chairman of the Un-American activities committee, tried to investigate the ADL because they felt they were always trying to overthrow America and establish a communist government. But at that time Congressman Cellar stopped this investigation in his committee.

Always the program of Anti‑Christ has been to capture great areas of the earth so as to gather the man power to hurl at the Christian civilization. And back in Civil War days that was also the design and they will use an that they can turn against his race to advance their program.

Now; one of the reasons the enemy is afraid of the KKK is because this was one of the organizations they could not infiltrate, could not track its identity, could not find out the names of its members. The history of the KKK is a history of a fighting organizational movement to defend these United States, Christian civilization, and white womanhood. For this cause it remains, to oppose all of America’s enemies, both domestic and foreign.

In tracing the history of the Clan, the Blood Clan of the Aryan race, then Dr. Swift took us back to the time of King David who had killed many men in defence of YAHWEH and his kingdom. Then at that time agents of his enemies moved in, and they looked like the modern day representatives, but back in those days they sought to betray David, thus stopping the kingdom of YAHWEH from advancing. And then dedicated men moved to surround David and protect this King of Israel. They were the Blood Clan of Israel, and they were called the Honour Guards. They thus guarded David around the clock, and they were thus the circle clan. As the ten tribes went out from Jerusalem you find that Jeroboam surrounded himself also with Blood Clan, with young men dedicated to fight for YAHWEH, AND FOR THE KINGDOM, and were willing to give their lives for their society.