Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 22

Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 22


The Epistle to the Romans

QUESTION: To the Jew first? Romans 1:16.

ANSWER: This is always the first question. The Apostle Paul was writing to the Romans who were Lost Israelites who have settled in that area of Europe. There were also some Israelites of the Judah Kingdom now in Rome as well.

Paul starts this Epistle saying he is a servant of YAHSHUA, that he was called to be an Apostle, separated to preach the Gospel as laid out by YAHSHUA. He tells them that YAHWEH came through the Seed Line of David into the flesh as YAHSHUA and proved His power by the Resurrection. That HE chose His Apostles to preach the Faith among all nations for HIS name. (Vs. 5). The Apostle Paul goes on to say that the rest of Israel is also called by YAHSHUA thus to the Judeans that be in Rome, to the Saints, ’Grace be unto you, and peace (understanding) from YAHWEH our Father who came as YAHSHUA.’ But He is still our Father. And this word ‘Saints’ does not mean someone they elevated in church and put a halo on. It means believing offspring. And you did not become a believing offspring at the altar, or in an Evangelistic meeting either. You, if you are Israel, were born a believing offspring. You then read in the book of Daniel 7:18, that the ‘Saints take the Kingdom and possess it forever.’

Remember here that the Apostle Paul while under house arrest in Judea, was writing his Epistles. He had longed to go to Rome for sometime, but has always been delayed. He has friends and relatives in Rome, and he wanted to go to Rome to tell the Israelites living there, that there are many things he has learned. He thinks there will be many in Rome who will turn in their thinking after he tells they the many things he now knows. He thinks they will turn as the other Lost Israelites now called Gentiles, have turned when he has witnessed to them.