Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 20

Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 20

A SHORT TIME AFTER THE RESURRECTION on the other side of the old city of Jerusalem, two of the disciples were walking to the village of Emmaus. (Luke 24:13) These disciples were very depressed, what would they do now, all seemed to be lost, the Messiah was dead. Soon a third man joins them and walks along with them.

They do not pay any attention to him for they are so deep in their depression, and finally HE asked them why they were so sad. They replied: surely you have heard, you must be a stranger or you would have heard that the Chief Priests and rulers of Jerusalem had put YAHSHUA‑Messiah to death??? Then the stranger began to talk to them, and He asked: Should not YAHWEH as Messiah embodied in the flesh have taken all transgression upon Himself, been crucified so that He could raise His body from the tomb?

Then He went on to outline the story of the Scriptures from the days of Moses on down to their time. Strangely their hearts were thrilled as they listened to HIM, and since they had not eaten for some time they were now hungry, and they suggested they go into the Inn near by for a bit of food. They had not been allowed as yet to see YAHSHUA, but even though His words had strangely moved them, the time was not quite right. But there at the table as HE broke the bread for them then their eyes were opened and they could see the nail prints in HIS hand, and now they also knew that HE had Risen. And in a radiant burst of Light He was gone from their sight. The disciples now hurried back to Jerusalem to tell the disciples gathering there that they had seen Messiah, He had spoken to them, He was alive.

Then YAHSHUA appeared to some of the others, but Thomas was not with them. Later they told Thomas that YAHSHUA was alive, they had seen HIM, but Thomas would not be comforted, for he had heard HIM say: ‘It is finished’. Thomas had seen HIM drop His head, Messiah was dead.