Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 178

Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 178

Bible Study – Genesis 2

IN GENESIS I., WE LEARNED THAT THERE WAS A GREAT FLOOD ALL OVER THE EARTH AND THAT THE “WORLD THAT WAS” UNDOUBTEDLY WAS DESTROYED BY WATER. Then a restoration of the earth occurred, and everything again restored, even people, both male and female were put back and then we see that everything restored once more looked good.

We also learned that the title “God” includes both YAHWEH and His household, the Elohim as this restoration was performed. Then there must have been a long, long period of time, and the Darkness of Satan and his household came into earth after being run out of the heavens, and we have to go to the real old books and traditions as well as the Bible to get a glimpse of the catastrophes which occurred as Satan used the Negroes in a mongrelisation program to try to set himself up as master of this world. Confined here in earth we see lots of catastrophes took place such as continents sank, and mountains rose, all this over 11,000 years ago where there is still no trace of Adam until much later.

The Bible does carry some of the story as to the oppressors plans and archaeology discloses what must have taken place, but as to how many thousands of years between the first chapter of Genesis, where we find that Moses was just giving us bare statistics, and the second chapter of Genesis we do not know.

Now; you realize just why we say the Bible is not just to be read, it is a library of books for study.