Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 152

Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 152

America at the Crossroads

 as the enemy has been trying to change your way of life, your intelligence factor, and all areas of your society. And then in the process, make you think that all beings on this earth have the same intelligence, as the next one. The difference being that some have had a different and easier advantage in life than others. Especially is this true in the ‘Elitist’ view of the White Anglo-Saxon and kindred people. Thus we have seen over the years, a dramatic transformation in American society as the ‘Elite’ and here we would use the word ‘educated liberal’, has tried to create a new class of people which they would dominate as the ‘ruling class’ and the rest of the Americans would fit into their idea of ‘the working class.’

This my friends is not something new actually it is the Communist thinking of the Thirties, which triumphed in the 50’s as the United Nations led by communists was born. Here today, even though Communism has proved to be a failure in the Soviet Union, and has been brought down at least for a time, there are still in this nation those who still are advocating the same thing for America. Their thinking has not changed over the years and many of them are still in the Congress and through out the areas of the government of these United States. With the election of November 1994 we began to hear the people of this nation express a desire to dump this old program that has not produced anything but tragedy and chaos for this nation, and go back to the basic principles which formed this nation and our constitution. We are therefore hearing many arguments. And some dirty politics of course always surfaces, for we still have some of these people in the Republican Party as well.

This is the reason as to why the book,”The Bell Curve” struck a nerve, and is considered as so controversial. And now we are seeing the attempt to bury the book, before it becomes ‘well known’. One thing the authors of the “Bell Curve”, Richard J. Herrnstein (who is now deceased) and Charles Murray pointed out, is that in spite of these decades of denial, the actual truth is that ‘Intellectual ability’ is endowed unequally, and government policies can do little to change that Fact.