Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 150

Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 150

The Quest of Seth

IN THE WRITINGS OF MIDDLE ENGLISH LITERATURE, there kept appearing certain legends concerning this ‘Quest of Seth’ as well as the one about ‘The Wood of the Cross’. There was no exact scholarship of these ancient subjects until Esther Casier Quinn began in 1949, to look at these subjects at the suggestion of Professor Roger Loomis of Columbia University. This study then led to fields far more vast than had been anticipated as well as into many different languages.

Our author found this story of ‘The Quest of Seth’ for the ‘Oil of Mercy’ for his father Adam, in the writings of the French, English and German languages, as well as its presence in Medieval drama. The legend says that as Adam was bout to die, that he bid his son go to Paradise for the ‘oil of mercy’. As Seth arrives at Paradise, he is told that Adam’s request will not be granted at this time. Remember here that this is an ancient legend handed down from generation to generation and it is symbolism. Thus there is a message for this race in this legend.

When Seth is given the message that the time is not then for his father’s request to be fulfilled, then Seth is given ‘three’ glimpses of this land of Paradise. In the first glimpse, which Seth is permitted to see, he beheld a ‘Dry Tree’. In the second glimpse, he sees an ‘adder snake’ twisted around the trunk of that ‘Dry Tree’. And in the third glimpse, Seth sees a ‘New Born Baby’ in the top of the ‘Dry Tree’. DO YOU GET THE PICTURE? Seth is told that the Dry Tree with the serpent around it represents the ‘sin’ of Adam-man and the Baby is Christ who will be the ‘Oil of Mercy’.

You will remember that the scripture talks of this Dry Tree as being the kingdom of Israel in Old Judea. And the ‘Green Tree’ is the one that was growing in the West. But it was also from this dry tree of Judah line here in the East that Christ would declare His birth place as He came as Saviour to rescue His children now in earth. Adam would thus receive this ‘Oil of Mercy’, being restored thus at the coming of YAHSHUA. This legend thus was a symbolic legend. But also teaching a lesson and establishing as well a message for the Covenant people.

The legend also says that Seth was given three kernels from the ‘Tree of Life’ in Paradise. And he plants them in the mouth of his dead father. From those three kernels, three trees grew, a Cedar, a Cypress, and a Pine. And they remained, growing in the Vale of Hebron until the time of Moses. Then these three trees were uprooted by Moses and became the wands with which first he sweetens the waters of the marsh, and then brings forth Water from the Rock, (in the days of the Exodus.).