Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 140

Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 140

Book Report – Atlas Shrugged By Ayn Rand

THIS IS A BIG, BIG BOOK. THUS HARD FOR MANY TO READ, the title of this book in the beginning was ‘The Strike.’ The theme of the story: ‘What happens to the world when the prime movers go on strike?’ It is pictured as though the world, like a car, with its motor shut off. Thus, before you start the review, then who are the prime movers of our civilization and why are they pictured as thus, and how do they function? Who are their enemies and why? What are the motives behind the hatred for and the enslavement of the prime movers, the nature of the obstacles placed in their way and why, and the reason for it?

This novel was written in 1957. But in 1936, she wrote ‘We the Living.’ And then in 1943, she wrote ‘Fountainhead.’ From the first book, do you get the picture that maybe she knows something interesting and has written it just as a novel so as to get it published?

In her book ‘Fountainhead,’ she brings out this theme of the ‘prime movers’ and the enslavement of those listed as such and the emphases is on the world, the prime movers, the parasites, and the world’s people. There she shows how the world is moved forward by certain people while others live as parasites on these who move the world forward, and build a good civilization. And stresses that without such people, the world will decay.

Ayn Rand, over these years, was able to see the world picture as men of stature moved the civilization of the advanced nations forward while certain men as parasites, also road on their backs. And the world society slowly sank lower and lower toward chaos. Not only in the moral field, but the political, as well as the religious field, and the economic field.

When reviewing her book, you soon gather that she is telling the story in fiction as to how the World Shrugged it shoulders as this decay set in, and did nothing to stop this descent into chaos. In other words, we would say that money became the god of the World Order and many, even of our race, under false teaching and illusion, fell for this same idol. Here today, we have the feeling that as our author looked into the future, she saw what was happening to America as the years went by and ‘Big Brother’ behind the scene, was manipulating the United States of America and the whole Aryan world for their profit. And now we have even seen the YEAR OF THE WOMAN, and ‘Big Sister’ on the same stage. And then the Woman on the Back of the Red Beast surfaced and the downward slide of our nation picked up speed.