Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 14

Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 14

1. Genealogy Charts
2. The Birth of YAHSHUA
3. The early life and missing 18 years in the Life of Jesus

QUESTION: How does the genealogy chart at the first of the Book of Matthew fit into the story of the birth of the Christ Child if he is the son or embodiment of God?
ANSWER: Well, as you know the Bible is the story of the relationship of the Adamic Race and their father YAHWEH. We now know that YAHWEH is the Eternal Father, and embodied his name is YAHSHUA, our Redeemer and Messiah. As for HIS embodiment in earth HE selected a mother through whom He was to be born. Thus this physical body of the man called Jesus The Christ would be formed in the womb of a woman of the Adamic Race, but the fullness of YAHWEH would abide bodily within this body, Mary would produce. This is one of the purposes of the MOST HIGH which He declared before the foundation of the world. Why would HIS household come into earth this way also embodied as babes out of this Adamic Race He established with Adam and Eve? This is His program for bringing back the earth into its rightful orbit under His rule. Thus He would then come to establish His identity with His race, and come the same way through physical birth out of the Race. No wonder then that the enemy tries to hide this fact from you.
Thus you are to remember those in opposition to this wondrous story, this fulfilment of prophecy, and remember who they are, what they are saying, and that these enemies killed thousands in order to stop this race from arriving at the time when prophecy said HE would come forth from the race, and then they killed babies trying to stop His birth in earth. Thus the enemy only seeds to hide the wondrous story of HIS Testimony as to who this babe was, and that HE came to visit His people, and to do the wondrous things HE had promised to do.