Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 13

Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 13


1. Good figs and bad figs
2. The Great Star of Revelation 8:10‑12
3. Isaiah 26:20‑21
4. Isaiah 53:3
5. Isaiah 43:15‑19
6. Where do you find Israel called an Olive Tree?
7. Why do people not want to know more?
8. ‘Son of Man’
9. Deuteronomy 23:8
10. Leviticus 18:21

QUESTION: Who were the good figs and bad figs of Jeremiah, chapter 24?

ANSWER: Back in the days with Jeremiah this was referring to those who dwelt in Jerusalem, as figs. Remember the moment that a false religion takes over a city or community, it is then tied to the false religious emblem, which is the fig. For the fig is the fruit of the Fig Tree which is that tree of good and evil, or the emblem of Lucifer’s kingdom. Thus the religion of Jerusalem in the days of Ahab became a false religion. In the days when Zedekiah and his sons were taken by Babylon, then Jerusalem was under the religion of Baalism, and the people there in that old city were worshiping many strange and evil gods. But Jeremiah was to write that some of the people within the city under this system of false religion were still good. But some he called bad, very bad, in fact there wasn’t one thing they preached or stood for that could be used, everything about them was evil. Thus there is a division here of the people caught in the web of Baal religion. The evil ones were to be scattered over the world as a taunt, a byword, and a curse. These people, the SHEENIE, Yehudin were the bad figs to be driven out of Jerusalem, and they were dispersed finally in 70 A.D.