Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 125

Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 125

The Sons and Daughters of God

IN OUR MODERN WORLD TODAY, the so called, cultural elite do not respect traditions or standards. They believe that ‘moral truths’ are relative, all life styles are equal, that a family arrangement does not necessarily mean father, mother, and child, rather just who ever lives under one roof, that fathers are dispensable, and parents need not be married, or even of the opposite sex.

As we approached this subject, the sons and daughters of God, we turned to the Swift ministry for an outline of the subject, and to the words in the Gospels from the writings of the apostle Paul in his great Epistle of mystery, ‘the book of Ephesians’, for confirmation.

In the writings of the apostle Paul to the sons and daughters of the kingdom, called in translation ‘saints’ we are reminded that ‘he hath chosen us in HIM, before the foundation of the world’, that we were blessed ‘with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places’ and this could only have been before we came into earth. The apostle Paul reminds us that we were predestined as sons and daughters by YAHSHUA Himself, according to HIS will. That now since YAHSHUA has restored us, then even those of Israel who were a far off were now once more in the sheepfold, and that ‘the whole family in heaven, and in earth, are called by HIS name.’

From the Swift ministry we find the outline of this basic knowledge that a certain people called the Adamic race were the offspring of YAHWEH (spirit). This being a confirmed fact then we are thus occupying a physical body, as an individual, and this is described as our earthly tabernacle. We then remember that Moses was instructed to have the children of Israel build a tabernacle in the wilderness having an outer court, a central court and an inner holy of Holies. Symbolically this wilderness tabernacle was the image, or symbol of Adam‑man. The outer court being the physical body, thus here service symbolized the work done in the world physically for the kingdom.