Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 123

Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 123

Signs of The Times

HERE IN JUNE OF 1992 WE ARE READING AND LISTENING TO MANY OPTIONS AS TO WHAT IS HAPPENING, or not happening in our world. Many are sure that the President, or someone else is to blame for the condition this Nation finds itself in, yet hardly anyone considers perhaps they, themselves might just be at least partly to blame for their troubles. Most would have no idea that perhaps we have done exactly what prophecy said we would do, that we have followed down this exact path, to Great Babylon without even looking at where we are going.

Some will ask: .is there a conspiracy to bring down this nation, as many think, although they do not have any idea as to why? We have pointed out over the years the different organizations that have worked for what is termed ‘a One World Government’, such as the Buildeburgers, the Club of Rome, The Brotherhood, the Skull and Bones, and many, many others.

Through this tape series we have been explaining this situation as the Battle between the Children of Light, and the Children of Darkness. This is the name given to this battle between the Children of God’s Kingdom and the Children of Satan’s Kingdom, as found in the Dead Sea Scrolls, then carried on throughout the scriptures, bringing us up to where we believe we are in prophecy today. We find the Children of Light now trying to give away their inheritance just so they can get along with the World Order.

As we read of this program for a ‘One World Government’ we find that our enemies make no effort to hide the plans, instead selling it to you as a wonderful plan for ‘Peace’, we have a tendency to remember how blind our people seem to be, not knowing who they are, or why they are here in the earth. Thus instead of blaming this President, or that person for allowing this ‘One World Government’ to be set in place, we wonder just what YAHWEH‑YAHSHUA will allow, since He is aware of what is going on, and just why. He knows that His children of the Kingdom stumble here in their blindness as the Children of Darkness try to pull the Last Great Pillar out from under our Christian Faith.

In Symbolism we see this Great Truth as a Giant Temple, the one remaining pillar, the centre pillar, and holding it up is JESUS THE CHRIST, any my oh my how the enemy works on that ONE, not realizing that this Love for our Saviour was installed in our hearts long ago, and there it is to remain.