Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 122

Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 122

The Blood Covenant From the Book of the same name and my understanding

MORE WE SEE THAT TURNING TO WHAT IS TERMED TODAY AS ‘ANCIENT HISTORY’, THAT WE RENEW OUR FAITH, HANDED DOWN FROM FATHER TO SON THROUGH THE MANY GENERATIONS. From this study of Ancient History you cannot get away from the fact that there were a people called ‘The Israel of God’, who were in earth for the definite purpose of building God’s Kingdom in earth. You also cannot escape the fact that as these people worked for the purpose of the Kingdom, then God’s blessings flowed to them.

When they turned to follow the path of the people of the World Order around them, they then lost those blessings and were chastised. This also we see today as these Children of the Kingdom try to make so called Peace Treaties with the Children of Darkness, and then wonder why our world is in chaos. Our people seem to have lost the knowledge that the Kingdom rule is to be in earth, here among surroundings with which we are familiar, with the unnatural things which do not fit in the Kingdom Administration finally removed. By this leaving of the natural laws of God, forgetting their Divine purpose, by substituting man‑made laws we have brought our world into chaos. Every day our enemies try to draw us further and further from the Divine program, and we are thus reaping the results. However, the original plan for the Administration of God will produce conditions which will attract the people of the Nations to the Children of Light, when even the world order will be free of the rule of Lucifer and his children.

Our author, H. Clay Trumbull spent the first part of his book pointing out what we term the World Order understanding of the Covenant really is. He points out the Satanic teaching and use of this idea of a Blood Covenant although he does not term it satanic as I have. He however calls attention to the actions of the Baal Priests as they would cut themselves as their way of understanding this ‘Blood Covenant’. He pointed out this practice of cutting the heart out of a victim, and then drinking the blood, and so forth which the Spaniards found as they came into Central America. He pointed out that the practice of Cannibalism was found in different parts of the world. This also brought to mind that EVERY ERROR IS BASED ON SOME TRUTH WHICH IS MISUNDERSTOOD.