Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 109

Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 109

The Secrets of Ancient Egypt A Review

SINCE MOST OF OUR PEOPLE FEEL A FASCINATION FOR THE GREAT PYRAMID OF GIZA, although they may not quite know why, we find this old book very interesting as well as finding a slightly different theory as to why this Great Pyramid was built.

The Author follows and amplifies the theory advanced by the late Mr. Marsham Adams that the Great Pyramid of Giza was built in such a manner to be a symbolic monument of, THE SECRETS, contained in the book, ‘The Egyptian Book of the Dead.’ This book and the Great Pyramid are thus held to be mutually explanatory, and to enshrine the ‘Secret’ truths taught by those teachers of Ancient Egypt. (Secrets we believe because they were great ‘Truths’ not to be given to the World Order which not understanding would only corrupt. They were messages to be passed on generation after generation to a certain race of people some of whom would always understand and pass them on keeping them alive.) This book was published by the David McKay Co. Pa., in these United States, and published first in Britain. It was written just after the final work done by Lord Carnarvon and Howard Carter as they did their last excavations in Ancient Egypt.

In our day as well as over the years, those who did not understand have termed these so called ‘Mysteries’ as being on the Occult side of religion, but the symbolism which has veiled the deep meanings of this Ancient Wisdom Religion from which true Masonry came is still not unravelled for the World Order to see, and is still a ‘Mystery’ to most of our people here following the path of the World Order.

Today the word ‘Mysteries’ conveys something vague and indefinite or uncertain. In the olden days this was known as the instructions into the Meaning of LIFE; its origin, and its immortal nature for a people. In the lower degrees it stood for the culture of those days; for knowledge in Chemistry, History, Mathematics, Physics, and so forth. In the Greater Mysteries (truths) those practices led the aspirant gradually beyond the confines of physical experience into the realization of Immortal Life, and a knowledge of the conditions which are obtained in the Next World.