Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 102

Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 102

‘This Generation Shall Not Pass Until All – Things Be Fulfilled’. (Matthew 24:34)

The word Generation carried a double meaning which is often not realized. It carries the meaning of RACE as well as a period of time in someone’s life. The Generations of the Adamic Race begins in the Scriptures in Genesis 4:1. When The Christ walked the earth as Jesus, Saviour, the word still carried the meaning of Race because many of the generations of this race would come and go and still the Kingdom Administrations is not in place. Jesus thus was saying that there would still be some of His race here in earth as He comes as KING OF KINGS. He was also saying that the Viper Race would still be with us also right up to the time of the Return of The Christ as KING OF KINGS. They would still be denying the Resurrection, still be trying to pervert the doctrines of the Church (the spiritual centre of the Kingdom), still be trying to subvert the plan of this Divine Administration of earth, and still be shedding the blood of men who are on the ‘RIGHT’, as well as usurping the position of God’s chosen people.

For instance: ‘The tree (family tree or race) is known by its fruit, O Generation (race) of vipers how can ye being evil speak good things?’ Matthew 12:34. ‘The children of the World (order) are in their generations (races) wiser than the Children of Light’ (Luke 16:8). ‘A seed shall serve HIM; it shall be accounted to the LORD for a generation (race)’. Psalms 22:30.

Today we still find the same battle raging between the Children of Light and the Children of Darkness. In this tape we are recalling to your memory another time in our history when this battle was very much in focus. At that time in our history as a nation there were still too many communists in our Government, too many people in high places in our nation did believe in our God, and the drive was on to make these United States a part of a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, no longer a Sovereign Nation.

At this time in history then God ‘called’, and another Patriot stood for God and Country and denounced the enemy. As we look into the life of this other Patriot in this continuing battle we have the testimony of a Lady who worked for this Patriot during the time the powers of Darkness sought to destroy a young Senator who sought to warn the American people of this Communist infiltration of their Government, this was Larry Lent. We also have a book by the young Jewish attorney who worked for this Senator and his name was Roy Cohn.