Ella Rose Mast Newsletter – September 1991

Ella Rose Mast Newsletter – September 1991

AS SOME OF YOU KNOW, A DISK IN MY BACK SHATTERED AND CAUSED THE VERTEBRA TO COLLAPSE, this happened July 17th and a month of misery resulted, with a few days in the hospital to break a cycle of pain, and put me on my feet again. I am doing pretty good again, and the Dr. has turned me loose to do anything I can without aggravating the spot in my back, between the shoulder blades. Kathy put out the last months material as it was mostly ready. I am now back at the word processor, many interesting things are happening in the world.


For my Birthday (79 years) a package arrived early from J.P. of Wichita, Kans. Allie brought the package to the Bedroom where I was lying down and opened the package, and needless to say I sat up in bed rather quickly. Here was a picture of the Heads of a Lion and a Unicorn very close together. I turned then to the book of “Symbols of our Celtic-Saxon Heritage”, by W.H. Bennett and found this story:

‘A Horn from a large animal about 20″ in length, slightly curved, and increasing from the tip to about five or six inches in diameter at the base and around the base there was a carving depicting a VINE and two figures, a Lion and Unicorn, was given by a Nobleman in Britain, marking a gift of property to a York Minister. It seems that his ancestors had brought this horn from Ancient Persia, however this was considered to have marked the transfer of the Throne which was in Judah to the west, finally to England.